About us

Image Inc (also known as Image Decorations Ltd) is a bespoke interior design firm which specializes in design conception, production, sourcing, space management and designs of top range, lasting, durable, made to fit furniture and accessories for offices, homes, hotels, shops and variety of function spaces.


At Image Inc, we are innovators of contemporary and traditional furniture designs for homes, offices and are committed to providing hand crafted, made-to-measure, fitted furniture of the best and highest quality to perfectly meet your requirements and day to day activities.


Our vision as professionals and the best in the field, is to make your dreams of a well furnished home or office be realized from the first sketch to the final polish. This will create your desired home or office thus bringing smiles and satisfaction which gives you value for your money.

Our People

Through our highly skilled, experienced and time cautious craftsmen numbering over 70, we have specialized in various departments and dazzled our clients and lived up to our reputation as ‘The Image Makers’.